Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Little Cook

Molly loves to drive me crazy and make cooking harder help me cook and stir everything. When we were at Aspasians this weekend in downtown Rockwall we just had to get this cute apron for our little cook. She loves to wear her "dress" as she calls it and stir anything that is cooking on the stove.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Love, Hate

Oh these clothes. We have a love hate relationship, these clothes and I. I am constantly scrubbing out stains wondering where it came from. Trying to keep them on my child when she would rather be in just a diaper. Chasing her around just to put a shirt on her because she hates it going over her head. And last but not least hanging up all these little clothes to dry so that they will stop shrinking. I know what some of you are thinking why in the world would you bother with hanging her clothes to dry because I used to think that, but after so many times of seeing my little darlings midriff after only a few washes I figure I best start doing something so they last longer and so my sweet little angel is not showing her belly to everyone. But I do love these clothes, not the clothes themselves but what they represent right now in my life. Every time I look at them I see how small and sweet they are and how small and sweet my baby is and that will not be forever. Well small will not be forever but hopefully the sweet will stay around :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Weekend

I know this post is late but I have been so busy and just now am getting to it. Easter weekend was great. We were really busy but had a great time with family. Here are a few pictures of what our weekend entailed.

Molly opening her Easter basket.

Playing with some of the bubbles that were in the basket.

We went out on the boat. Molly was not a fan of the life jacket at first but eventually after 10 minutes (seemed like forever) of screaming she got over it.

Dyed some eggs. She did really well with this and was very gentle. She only tried to taste a few of the colors :)

At church

Hunting for eggs

Hiding the candy under her neck so her hands would be free to pick up other eggs but nobody could get her candy.

Thursday, April 1, 2010