Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

What a crazy and busy Thanksgiving we had!  The Thanksgiving Holiday started off by Wednesday evening having our annual Turkey Bowl with the Seidler's (family friends of Bret's).  Thursday on Thanksgiving we had lunch at Bret's Nanna's.  Friday we headed down to Houston to have Thanksgiving dinner with my Granny (dad's side of the family) and then Saturday went over to my Mamaw's (mom's side of the family) for more Thanksgiving.  I have eaten my fair share of turkey!!  It was great to see all of the family but nice to be back.  I did not do any shopping on Black Friday because we were traveling.  I heard there were some great deals but I will admit I am not a fan of crowds, they make me nervous :)  Now time to get decorating for Christmas!!

Turkey Bowl.  Molly loves bowling.

Friday at my Granny's: Bret, my dad, Ross, and Lori (my brother and sister) frying the turkey.

Yummo, it was a delicious fried turkey.

Ross and Lori were making fun of my blogging so I got a picture of them especially for the blog.

Saturday at my Mamaw's:  do a little arts and crafts with some of the little ones.

Molly's hand turkey.

Putting up Mamaw's Christmas tree.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Target Secret

Okay so maybe it is not a secret but if you don't know about this the next time you need to do a long shopping trip at Target just go over to the little food court area thingy before you start shopping and get the popcorn/drink combo for only $1.50!!!  Who can beat that and the best part is it will keep the little one entertained and in the cart the whole time.  It is a big bag of popcorn and then of course Molly gets excited because she thinks she has her own big girl drink.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sweet Treat

It is always a nice treat when we make an unexpected trip to get some ice cream for dessert, yummy!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Trick or Treat & Goodbye

If you have forgotten about our Halloween costume experience last year well let me just remind you: click here.  Needless to say when we showed Molly any costumes in the store this year she wanted nothing to do with them, and honestly I was perfectly fine with that.  Bret's moms birthday is on Halloween so we just hung out at thier house and got Molly this scaredy cat shirt to wear so she could help pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters.  Every time the doorbell rang she got excited and yelled "the kids" but then would stand back and watch us give the candy. 

Molly sampling the candy.

Helping Aunt Abby make cookies.

Molly keeping her distance.

Just being silly.

Now for Goodbyes

This past Wednesday night I got a phone call from my mom saying my Uncle Larry had passed away from a massive heart attack.  He had just turned 60 in February.  He is my dad's only sibling.  We packed up our stuff and headed to Houston on Thursday to be with the family.  It was of course a very emotionally draining weekend ending with the funeral on Sunday.  

Uncle Larry

In between people visiting, viewing, and funeral we had to keep the little ones busy and happy, which actually wasn't hard to do.  My poor Molly and niece and nephew are deprived of having trees all over their yards, but my Granny sure does.  The kids liked to swing but they LOVED playing in the piles of leaves.  That kept them entertained every day!  It's the little things :)

If you did not see my previous post make sure you check it out. It is about FREE Christmas cards!

Free Christmas Cards

I saw this post on another blog I read The Smith Family and had to give it a try.  Besides I love Shutterfly!  I use them all the time to print very nice quality photo books (since I don't scrapbook), just to print pictures, and I have used them for past Christmas cards. 

Right now Shutterfly is giving away 50 free holiday cards to bloggers, click here!!  Can you believe it!!  If you do not have an account with Shutterfly you should.  I love it!

Here are just a few cards of the many to choose from.  I don't want to post to many so maybe it will be a surprise of which one I pick when you get it in the mail :)