Thursday, October 31, 2013

New House, New Life, New Blog

When we moved to Boerne I jokingly told Bret, "so since we have a new house, a new life, how about a new blog for our life here in Boerne?'  He really didn't respond to that.  A few weeks later he mentioned that he had worked on the new blog and it was ready and of course I was very surprised by this (Also I may have needed some training on how to use the darn thing).  Anyways, we hope that you will follow us along on our Boerne life:

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Down to the river

We live about a mile from the Guadalupe River.  It is literally like a 45 second drive to get there so we finally took the girls down to take a look.  It was so peaceful and the girls loved it!  They just splashed around and threw rocks in.  When it was time to go they both begged to go back.  I have a feeling we will come here often.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pooky Halloween Party

This past weekend Bret headed to College Station with a friend for the A&M vs Auburn game (ughh I am sure by now you all know that A&M lost).  My oldest sister had mentioned that she was taking her kids to a fun Halloween party they go to every year for the kids.   We invited ourselves and the girls and I headed to my parents to stay Saturday night.  It is much easier to get to my parents now that they live an hour half away instead of the five hours it used to be. 

Molly and Rylan posing for a picture.

Hattie enjoying way to many marshmallows.

This wasn't just your backyard Halloween party.  It was your local laid back country party.  These people had horses, some chickens running around, and two peacocks.

The kids giving it a go at apple bobbing.  None of them would actually stick their faces in the water.

Halloween pinata.  I had to get a photo of this because this my friends is the first time Molly has ever had enough courage to actually participate in hitting a pinata.

And I apologize for this horrible picture because it was just with my phone and it was dark and the moon was so bright, but when it got dark there was a "spooky hay ride" which Hattie told my parents all about and how "pooky" it was.  But really it was not spooky AT ALL.  They knew little kids were on the ride and just made it fun but yes it was dark and well if you ask my nephew Colton it was the scariest thing ever!  He hid with this head down in the middle of the rows so that he did not have to see or hear anything and the whole time even my scaredy cat child Molly kept telling Colton "I mean really Colton this is not scary at all." 

We stayed way past bedtimes so there might have been some melt downs and crying in the car and maybe even some threatening of throwing their candy bags out the windows if the crying didn't stop, and well it did.  It was a great "Pooky Party" for the kiddos.

Monday, October 21, 2013

State Fair

Last week Bret had a few meetings in Dallas during the middle of the week so we made the trip with him. (Disclaimer: please do not be offended if I did not let you know we were in town.  We were only there a few days.  Bret worked and went to meetings during the days.  The girls and I were stuck at the house with no vehicle, so we just brought our school stuff to do and in the evenings we were visiting with family). 

One of the days we were there we had some time to take the girls to the Fair.  Molly loves going and was so excited when we told her.  We did the usual: walk around, see the animals, ride rides, eat corny dogs, cotton candy, and funnel cake.  I think it is safe to say that everyone had a great time!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rainy Day Fun

It rained ALL DAY long today, but the girls really enjoyed it.

Going to check out Frankie, the neighbors donkey.  Molly is still not so sure of him.

It is always fun to jump in the rain.

Who needs raincoats when you are already wet!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

We Moved In....Finally!

After a bit of a crazy week: us trying to install the new floors then just hiring somebody to finish the last and biggest room, some of the pods being delivered with locks we did not put on them so needing bolt cutters to get them open, our fridge being to big to fit in the space being it is an older home, our dryer plug not the right fit which actually ended up being an easy fix, and a number of other things that keep happening.......We finally got all moved in!! Well we have gotten all of our stuff in, its just that some of the rooms still look like this.

We are slowly but surely getting it all unpacked and trying to find places for it to all go so I have not gotten pictures of the inside yet.  However we do LOVE being outside.  There are so many trees and the girls just love being outside all day long.  Our neighbor has a donkey so it is funny when it brays.  The girls just stop what they are doing and watch and then Hattie will say "you hear that gonkey?" We do have to drive a little to get into town, well at least longer than what we were used to.  This morning we had to run a few errands and Bret jokingly said "okay we better get everything because this is our one trip into town for the day."  We are however already getting used to it and really don't even notice it that much, unless we are in a hurry or need something really quick. 

I feel so out of sorts and just want to snap and everything be put back together and it all in its own place.  I know it will happen soon just want to wake up and it be done ;)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Just Waiting

Well now we wait.  We closed last week on the house but are waiting for our pods of stuff to be delivered.  In the meantime we are staying with my parents.  They live about an hour half from where we will be living in Boerne.  We did go over to the house and paint some rooms that really needed a fresh new coat.  We also hope to get some new floors put down this week and then move in this weekend when we will have help from my family, but we will see if all that falls into place.  The girls are having a great time hanging out at my parents.

Where is Hattie?

The kiddos hanging out while we painted.