Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Granny Jane is 92

This past weekend was my Granny's (my dad's mom) 92nd birthday! Could you imagine...92 years!

Both of my parents mom's live in Cleveland. A small town east of Houston. So when we go we get to see both grandmothers. I think it is pretty amazing that Molly and Hattie have four great-grandmothers and one great-grandaddy still alive!

Granny Jane

Some of the great-grand kids.

The cousins swinging.

Mamaw and Hattie watching Colton, Rylan, and Molly play.

Hattie getting to hang with the big cousins.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

7 months old - Hattie Jane

Oh Hattie where to even begin.  You are always so happy unless you are tired.  You have gotten better about mommy not having to hold you but you still have your only mommy moments.  You have three separate smiles.  1.  your real smile that your whole face lights up with.  2.  your courtesy smile to people  and 3.  your panic smile, which you get this square smile on your face when you are on the verge of panicking because mommy does not have you but you feel like you need to try and smile.  You say momma, well you did say it, now you just smile at me when I try to get you to say it.  You just started saying bye bye and waving.  We moved you to a rear facing car seat because you were just to big/heavy for me to carry any more in your infant car seat.  You still love your food. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kite Flying

I came across some kites the other day and decided to pick one up for Molly because it seemed like it would be so fun and Molly was so thrilled to get a kite.  Everyday she asked when we could go fly it.  Today when Bret got home it was pretty windy so we went over to the park to fly it in the big open field. 

The kite is up!

Molly is a little more interested in the sand pit.

Okay, fine dad I will come fly it for 2 min and 15 seconds.

Dad, I am done.
I think the thought of flying a kite was more fun for Molly than actually flying it.

Now time to have fun and play.

Hattie LOVES to swing!

If you are looking for a kite go check out Bed Bath & Beyond.  They have some good ones there.  I know weird place for one right. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Dreaded Sick Side Waiting Room

The pediatrician should know us very well by now.

Here in the past month, no lie, I have been to the pediatrician four times.  Now luckily one of those was for Hattie's six month well visit.  First Molly had pink eye, a sinus infection, and a horrible ear infection.  All at different times, hence all the visits. (yes she is in her rainboots and pajamas, I just did not care or want to battle the changing of clothes)

Now poor Hattie has pink eye.

Does anybody else feel like you might catch something just walking through the sick side waiting room?  It is so weird I used to teach children with special needs that would drool and wipe things on me and other things in the classroom and of course they were sick at times and it never bothered me.  I just knew well if my immune system is not used to them by now I guess I will get sick.  Even if I am around other kiddos or a parent and get the call that "hey just giving you the heads up my child has....fill in the blank"  I say thanks I will keep watch and just think well if my kids and I get it, it is what it is.  I can't keep them from not ever getting sick, but don't get me started on parents (none that I know personally) that bring their kiddos around knowing they are contagious.  Anyways, for some reason when I have to wait too long in the sick side waiting room I start watching all the other kids and think "I wonder what they have", "Is is really contagious" which I am sure they are thinking the same of me and my children.  Now here is the part that drives me crazy.  My sweet little Molly will be all shy around friends kids to the point she will not play with them but by golly we meet a stranger and Molly will make best friends with them.  The park, the grocery store, and even the doctors office, especially if they like to look at the fish tank where Molly always goes to.  That is her place to strike up a conversation.  For example: "Hi my name is Molly.  It starts with a M.  I am three.  What is your name?"  and then she tells them all about the fish she sees in the tank.  Sorry for the long story to bring back around to so now my child is face to face with another sick kid and I can only sit there and think "what does that other kid have!" 

Hopefully here is to the last sick visit for a while!