Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fishing Trip 2012

Once again we had our annual family fishing trip. We had a great time but did not catch very many fish and it rained half of the time we were there.  We tried to take advantage of I think the two days it did not rain.  The kids played in the pool on the deck, we went to the beach, we went over to one of my dad's friends house to swim in their pool, boat rides for the kiddos, and Molly's birthday party!

Molly wanted nothing to do with the water.

Hattie did not mind it.

The kids would play with any live bait we had left.

Swimming in the real pool.

We went to Madagascar 3 in 3D on one of the days it rained.

Hattie LOVED the seagulls.  All day she would look around saying "bird,bird,bird" so of course everyday we would feed the seagulls bread just to watch the excitement on her face.

The kiddos: Colton, Rylan, Molly, and Hattie

Had to put this just because it makes me laugh.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Book Entertaining for You and Your Child

Looking for a chuckle while reading a book to your child?  I highly recommend these books if you have not heard of them.

Diary of a Fly
Diary of a Worm
Diary of a Spider

By Doreen Cronin

I love reading these books to Molly and she enjoys them too, but she still does not catch all of the humor in them so they can really be read to older kiddos. 

Being a former teacher I love children's books!  Do you have any favorites you would like to share?

 Here is a sample from each book!

Diary of a Worm

Diary of a Fly

Diary of a Spider

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Best Swimsuit Purchase Ever

Sadly this is not about a swimsuit for me.  I am still in search for one of those.  If you have any advice on where to buy a good swimsuit please let me know.  But I have to tell someone about this swimsuit purchase!  I went looking for Molly a swimsuit dreading buying one because she is so picky about the way they feel on her.  Well I was looking through the rack and noticed only one left in her size in this particular style. I picked it up, looked at the tag and noticed it had been marked down.  I immediately check it for any issues it may have but could see nothing.  It had been marked down from $12 to $6...score!  BUT it gets better.  I get up to the check out and she rings it up and it was only $3!!  Yes only THREE DOLLARS!  and Molly actually likes it!!