Sunday, January 30, 2011

Enjoying the nice Weather

We decided to take advantage of the nice weather on Saturday and go out on the boat.  We had a fun little picnic and Molly did some "fishing."  However shortly after that the wind really picked up and the wind blowing off the lake was cold.  Molly was getting miserable and ended up laying under a towel so we quickly headed back in and by the time we got back Molly had fallen asleep under the towel.  It was a fun and quick trip on the boat.  I am sure it will be awhile before we get to get back out on it.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Laundry Time Helper

I am sure at some point it is nice when your child helps with the chores.  For now I guess I will be happy with whatever help I can get.  If help is what you want to call it when Molly folds laundry.  She usually just grabs what ever regardless if it is folder or not and starts putting it all into her own big pile.  I guess if she sees mommy making piles then she thinks that's what you do.  However for some reason today after she so kindly piled the clothes up she started piling all the towels on Tilly.  The crazy thing is Tilly did not even move.  Tilly must have been very tired or really cold and enjoying the extra layers.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

10 Week Progress... And A Few Cravings

Well everything is coming right along.  I went to the doctor this week and am 10 weeks and feeling so much better.  Sorry no pics not much to really see.  I never really had any cravings when I was pregnant with Molly and I am not sure if this post qualifies as a craving or just a good buy :).  I had intentions of buying some popsicles because that sounded good and when I was standing in the isle looking at all the options the Blue Bell Mini Sandwiches just shouted out buy me!!  I feel that since they are mini's that it was okay.  Besides I only have one a day and sometimes not even that. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Girlie Girl

For a few minutes tonight my little Molly wanted to be a girlie girl.  She would prefer to have no clothes on, be outside, throwing or catching balls, jumping off and on things (but her trampoline), just running around, and absolutely never a bow or clip in her hair.  However tonight she walked up to me and said she wanted to put on her butterfly dress.  I had no idea what she was talking about so we walked into her closet and she pointed to her Easter dress from last year and said "see Mommy my butterfly dress."  I put it on her thinking could it be, can she still fit in this, but once I tried to zip it was a little too snug to zip all the way.  Then what she said next I could not believe.  She said she wanted a bow.  I said "what!"  She told me she wanted the brown bow so I grabbed it without hesitation and put it in her hair which she did not even try to pull out.  After that she said "don't I look pretty."  She ran around playing for maybe 15 minutes in her dress and bow then as quickly as she wanted it on it all came off.  This was of course picture worthy :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

More Snow!

Can you believe it snowed two years in a row in the Dallas area?  I can't!  I don't know what we will do next year when it doesn't.  We are getting kind of spoiled, ha!  Last year Molly wanted nothing to do with the snow.  She cried when we put her in it but she LOVED it this year.  She could not wait to go outside and play.  We actually went out a couple of times.  She had so much fun running around and eating the snow.  She even "helped" the neighbors build a snowman. 

After a long fun day of playing in the snow Molly was so exhausted.  She fell asleep snuggled up to me on the coach.  She has not fallen asleep in my arms since she was like 8 months old.  It was so sweet.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

August 16, 2011

Is when this little one is due!

We found out over Christmas and are very excited that Molly is going to be a big sister.  Bret is sure that this one is a boy because this pregnancy has been so different than with Molly, but I keep telling him not to get his hopes up that every pregnancy can be different.  I have been much more nauseous/sick with this one especially in the evenings and I must eat a little something first thing in the morning so I don't get sick either.  I think that it is getting better (I think).  I will be 9 weeks on Tuesday so hopefully it will be better soon.  Besides that when we went to the doctor a week ago everything looked great.

As for Molly.  We ask her if she wants to be a big sister and she says YES!  I don't thinks she really gets it yet.  I guess I need to get all of the baby stuff out of the attic soon so that Molly can use them and get over them.  I had gotten this chair down when I was babysitting a friends baby and of course Molly wanted to pretend that she was a baby.  She specifically asked for a paci (I don't know how we even have any because Molly NEVER used one).  After we found a paci she put it in her mouth and crawled into the chair.  She played like that for several minutes and over several days, until I put it back up.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Look Back at 2010

Molly was one and half (so little and still not much hair)

It snowed.

My Granny turned 90.


Molly moved out of her crib to her big girl bed.
AND it was my last month/year teaching.  I would now be staying home to take care of Molly and work part-time doing PlayWisely.

Molly turned 2!
And the annual family fishing trip.

4th of July party

and Bret's Grandparents celebrated their 64th Wedding Anniversary.

Fun on the boat.

Labor day weekend with some friends.

Giving out candy at Halloween.

My Uncle Larry passed away.
And Thanksgiving with the families.

Molly enjoyed the decorations and presents this year.

AND Bret turned 30!

New Year's Eve

This New Year's Eve was a fun laid back one.  We went over to some friends house with a few other people.  A delicious five course meal was prepared.  We sat around the table most of the night eating and talking but we did turn on the t.v. to watch the ball drop.  The craziest part was that Molly stayed awake the whole time.  She is a party animal!  I have not really thought of my New Year resolution yet or if I will even have one.  Do you have a New Year resolution?

If you can read it the list on the right is the 5 course menu.