Saturday, May 8, 2010

Vintage Fisher Price Toys

Bret's mom,Noni, has done a wonderful job of saving some of their toys when they were little and will every so often bring out a new one for Molly to play with and it just brings back memories because I remember playing with those toys too!! I think sometimes Bret and I are more interested in the toys than Molly :) Here are just a few of the ones she has brought out for Molly to play with.

Doctor Kit


Record player

Noah's Ark
After seeing all of the things that Noni has brought out I just started looking around at all of the other vintage fisher price toys that I remember playing with when I went to my grandma's house. It brought back such great memories. The best part is my granny still has this circus set so Molly gets to play with it the few times we go visit. Below are a few more toys that took me down memory lane.


Megan said...

I love this post! I kept saying...oh yeah, I remember that! I had totally forgotten about the "elevator" one. So neat that Molly gets to play with them!

Michelle said...

Oh My GOODNESS!!! I remember most of these toys! How cool that she saved them! I might need to come over and check them out. My favorite as a kids was the record player. Enjoy Molly(and mom and dad).

Kyle and Marci said...

Ok, I know I had the same doctor's kit and horn! My mom has kept a lot of our old toys too and it's so fun to rediscover them after all these years.