Friday, July 9, 2010

New Office Nook

At one time we contemplated moving but then we decided we are fine where we are and will just make some changes to the house we are in. We have a three bedroom house: the master, Molly's room, and guestroom/hopefully another kid room one day. We have always needed a space for an office work area. Bret is always on the computer working on websites so it is nice for him to be in the same room as us and not shut off to the world in the back guest room, where we originally had the computer desk set up, so we rearranged our living room to look bigger and to utilize the nook that at one time held our entertainment center so that Bret could be in the living room with us. Soon after that he of course got his own mac laptop which left this very small and not very appealing to look at area for me to pay our bills and don't forget blogging and facebooking. Since we are in the mood and making changes to our house we decided that this area should definitely change since everyone that comes in our home sees it. It was actually a very easy and cheap project that we should have done a long time ago.

Here is the before:

AND here is the after:
So much nicer to sit and work at or pay bills!! Plus it looks much nicer and makes the room more organized.

We are also redoing the kitchen but you will have to wait till the whole kitchen is done to see those pictures.


Valerie said...

It looks great!!!

Alison said...

That looks great! It's so amazing what a little organization can do. I need a "before and after" of my entire house!!! :)

Megan said...

Wow! Looks fabulous! Things like this make you feel so good!! Can't wait to see the kitchen!