Friday, September 17, 2010

Molly and Tilly

Molly and Tilly have a love hate relationship. Well Tilly loves her all the time it depends on Molly's mood if she likes Tilly. If Tilly has anything that Molly thinks she is not supposed to it is a guaranteed dislike. BUT if I am trying to put Molly down for a nap, Molly usually starts crying saying she wants to go see Tilly (i.e. get out of the room and nap time). Sometimes though Molly will be sweet and love on Tilly, it is kind of cute.

Here is a video of Molly trying to get a sock from Tilly and getting very upset about it. Notice the headband she has on. She fixed her hair herself.

And here are some pics of the few moments that Molly will give Tilly some loving attention.


Sherry said...

Love it! They are so stinkin' cute together. Chloe and Boots have the same love/hate relationship. So fun!

Leslie said...

Look on the bright side.... she fixed her hair :)