Monday, May 30, 2011

Fishing Trip 2011

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know that every year my family goes on our annual fishing trip down in Corpus.  It is my mom, dad, siblings: Ross, Lori, Leslie and her husband and their two kids Rylan and Colton, and then me Bret, and Molly.  We always have a great time and come back with stories and fish.  For some reason I did not take any pictures of the fish the adults caught, and yes I went out on the boat and caught some fish too.

(By the way there are two posts tonight because one just was not enough for our week in Corpus.)

This year we had shirts made.  I did not get a picture of the front but it said:
McLelland annual Fishing Trip 2011.  Only The Strong Survive.

This is what the back said:
Warning if cuss words offend you please skip this picture ;)
If you know my dad you would find this so funny because fishing with my dad can be quite interesting to say the least.  He takes his fishing very serious.  These rules on the shirt were just a few of the things my dad has told us over the years.  The last and number one rule we just made up because well if you don't make him mad then it is a little more pleasant while fishing.

The condo is right on the water so in the evenings we take the kiddos fishing.

My dad would take the kiddos for a boat ride almost everyday.  They loved to go fast. By the way I am sure you notice the boat has no sides.  That is why we can't take the kids fishing out in the bay.  The other reason for this skinny boat is that it can go in shallow water. I mean inches deep that other boats cannot go to get some good fish.

Of course the kids had their own blow up pool to play in on the deck to keep them entertained during the day.

Molly was not a huge fan of fishing.  After she caught this one she quickly put it down and ran off.

Colton LOVED fishing.  By the way we did not make him always fish with a pink pole.  He just happened to have it in the picture :)

Just being silly kids.  They have fun playing together.

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Michelle said...

Looks like such a fun trip! The shirt is hilarious!