Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Programs and Parties

Last week was Molly's Christmas program and party at her school.  Her class dressed as reindeer and sang a few songs.  Hattie was done with Christmas programing so we did not get to see the older class do the manger scene.  I also did not get any pictures of Molly's class party.  She ended up leaving school early because she was not feeling well.

A little "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"

They had Santa come to the school one day. She would have NEVER done this if I was there.  I did ask her if she wanted to go with me to get a picture of Hattie with Santa.  She said "sure BUT I don't need to take another picture with him.  I already did at school.  Just Hattie can."  And well, I still have not taken Hattie to get her picture with Santa.  At this point it is not gonna happen either, oh well.

We had our tacky Christmas party with our Growth Group from church, so much fun!

Bret and I wore matching shirts.  You really need to see a full length picture of us to get the full picture.  I had on way more tackiness going on that was not in this picture.


The Gillaspie Family said...

Nice shirts.... ;)

Alison said...

Awww - I can't believe the santa pic!!!! That's pretty awesome. I love programs like that. our school's thing was on wednesday since they have the biggest attendance on that day. Then they did a pajama day on thursday - it was fun too. :)

We need to see the Williams girls soon!!