Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weekend With My Family

This past weekend Bret had to meet with a client that lived about 45 minutes from my parents so we took that as an opportunity to visit my family.  We got there Thursday night and left Monday morning so of course the weekend was full of fun.  This really should be two posts but I did not feel like it. 

It got really cold there so my mom made us and the kids go move the fire wood around to the back door, and yes the little ones helped.

Then the cows had to be fed.  My niece and nephew love to help feed.  Molly was not a huge fan.  She said there are just too many cows.

Love this little boy.  Colton always had on a hat of some sort.

He needs a little more driving practice.  He never looks at the road :)

Hattie loved jumping!

We had a tea party and everyone had to wear a hat.

Including my brother even if he was not aware of it.

Hattie was not left out either.

So much more happened but I am just keeping it short and sweet.
Good times, good times!

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Michelle said...

Ok so Hattie Jane is starting to look more like you and Molly's hair is getting so long! Glad you had a great time.