Monday, June 4, 2012

The Best Swimsuit Purchase Ever

Sadly this is not about a swimsuit for me.  I am still in search for one of those.  If you have any advice on where to buy a good swimsuit please let me know.  But I have to tell someone about this swimsuit purchase!  I went looking for Molly a swimsuit dreading buying one because she is so picky about the way they feel on her.  Well I was looking through the rack and noticed only one left in her size in this particular style. I picked it up, looked at the tag and noticed it had been marked down.  I immediately check it for any issues it may have but could see nothing.  It had been marked down from $12 to $6...score!  BUT it gets better.  I get up to the check out and she rings it up and it was only $3!!  Yes only THREE DOLLARS!  and Molly actually likes it!!


Megan said...

Love a good deal! :-)

Sherry said...

Three dollars?!? That is awesome! And it is super cute!! So glad Molly likes it!