Friday, April 5, 2013

Mary Poppins Date with Our Little Lady

When we heard Mary Poppins was coming to Dallas Bret and I knew we wanted to take Molly to see it, so we got tickets the day they went on sale. We knew that she would just love it, ha!  Well leading up to the Mary Poppins show Molly would just casually tell me that she really did not want to go see it.  That she really did not like Mary Poppins.  I would always shrug it off and say "oh it will be fun!"  The day of the show Molly was very adamant about not going.  There were tears and everything.  I was seriously thinking that we were going to have to call someone last minute and give our tickets away or drag a crying kid in.  Bret talked to her and convinced her how much fun it would be so she changed her mind and wanted to go.  It was so nice to spend time with just Molly.  We went to dinner, then ice cream, and then the show.  It was so good!!  BUT really long for a 4 year old.  It was a great evening and Molly really enjoyed it. 


Marla said...

How fun! And I'm sure Molly loved being the only child with ya'll (at least I am 100% sure that Parker would love that!). Special time and precious memories together for sure.

Michelle said...