Friday, July 5, 2013

Annual Family Fishing Trip

June means lots of things for our family: birthdays, anniversary, father's day, watermelon jubilee, and the annual family fishing trip! I cannot believe I forgot my camera, so I did my best with taking pictures with my phone, which wasn't that great.  We had a great time with the family!

The cousins!  Poor Colton is out numbered, or CoCo as Hattie calls him but that's okay because he calls her Hattie Granny.  A little back story: her name is Hattie Jane which she was named after my Granny Jane therefore my nephew Colton calls her Hattie Granny.

Uncle Ross

The girls morning out fishing.  We caught more fish than the guys did......but then the guys went fishing further out and well they caught a lot.  By the way it is serious business when you fish with my dad (Papa Joe)

In case you are wondering, I caught six of those bad boys.

We did get the kids out for some putt putt, movies, and the beach.

My brothers huge red fish he caught. 

The guys catch for just one morning.

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