Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Week Off

Let me just say that this homeschooling thing is not easy!!  Ha I think Molly might be doing better at it than me.  It is just so hard to keep your own child on task while not wanting to scream at them to just hurry up and finish!!  Not to mention that the school days have been a bit boring just following the curriculum (after some thought I have some ideas of how to make things a little better, hopefully) That being said this was a much needed week off.  I knew we would have to take sometime off because of the move so we started early and got three weeks under our belt.  This last week we have just been running last minute errands and seeing friends every day.

Hattie doing what she does best....eating snacks and watching Bubble Guppies.

After we get moved, settled, in our own space, in our routine of co-op classes and dance, maybe soccer, and some changes to our school days/curriculum I am hoping for some much better school days. 

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