Sunday, October 6, 2013

We Moved In....Finally!

After a bit of a crazy week: us trying to install the new floors then just hiring somebody to finish the last and biggest room, some of the pods being delivered with locks we did not put on them so needing bolt cutters to get them open, our fridge being to big to fit in the space being it is an older home, our dryer plug not the right fit which actually ended up being an easy fix, and a number of other things that keep happening.......We finally got all moved in!! Well we have gotten all of our stuff in, its just that some of the rooms still look like this.

We are slowly but surely getting it all unpacked and trying to find places for it to all go so I have not gotten pictures of the inside yet.  However we do LOVE being outside.  There are so many trees and the girls just love being outside all day long.  Our neighbor has a donkey so it is funny when it brays.  The girls just stop what they are doing and watch and then Hattie will say "you hear that gonkey?" We do have to drive a little to get into town, well at least longer than what we were used to.  This morning we had to run a few errands and Bret jokingly said "okay we better get everything because this is our one trip into town for the day."  We are however already getting used to it and really don't even notice it that much, unless we are in a hurry or need something really quick. 

I feel so out of sorts and just want to snap and everything be put back together and it all in its own place.  I know it will happen soon just want to wake up and it be done ;)

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