Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pooky Halloween Party

This past weekend Bret headed to College Station with a friend for the A&M vs Auburn game (ughh I am sure by now you all know that A&M lost).  My oldest sister had mentioned that she was taking her kids to a fun Halloween party they go to every year for the kids.   We invited ourselves and the girls and I headed to my parents to stay Saturday night.  It is much easier to get to my parents now that they live an hour half away instead of the five hours it used to be. 

Molly and Rylan posing for a picture.

Hattie enjoying way to many marshmallows.

This wasn't just your backyard Halloween party.  It was your local laid back country party.  These people had horses, some chickens running around, and two peacocks.

The kids giving it a go at apple bobbing.  None of them would actually stick their faces in the water.

Halloween pinata.  I had to get a photo of this because this my friends is the first time Molly has ever had enough courage to actually participate in hitting a pinata.

And I apologize for this horrible picture because it was just with my phone and it was dark and the moon was so bright, but when it got dark there was a "spooky hay ride" which Hattie told my parents all about and how "pooky" it was.  But really it was not spooky AT ALL.  They knew little kids were on the ride and just made it fun but yes it was dark and well if you ask my nephew Colton it was the scariest thing ever!  He hid with this head down in the middle of the rows so that he did not have to see or hear anything and the whole time even my scaredy cat child Molly kept telling Colton "I mean really Colton this is not scary at all." 

We stayed way past bedtimes so there might have been some melt downs and crying in the car and maybe even some threatening of throwing their candy bags out the windows if the crying didn't stop, and well it did.  It was a great "Pooky Party" for the kiddos.

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