Friday, February 12, 2010


If you have not already heard (just kidding) yes it did snow a lot for us folks here in Dallas. I know that everyone around here will be posting about their snow day, but come on it never snows here so snow post away I say! Molly was not a big fan but she eventually warmed up to it. Sorry for so many pictures but I had a hard time picking just a few.

Thursday when it was snowing.

Thursday night - still snowing and Molly not liking the flakes hitting her.

Friday morning!

Molly just looking at the snow outside. Every time we asked her do you want to go outside she said "no." But then after looking at it long enough she kept saying "snow, snow." So we took her out.

Not liking being in the snow.

When we put her on her play yard set she was much happier. By the way my child HATES hats and she is wearing one. It did not stay on long :)

Ahhhh much better with that hat off


Valerie said...

Great pics! Poor Molly.... I'm glad she "warmed" up to it and had some fun!

the soul tamagotchi said...

goodddddddd i wanna have a baby girl. oh the sweetest feeling in the world to be a daddy

Holly Green said...

Lola was not a fan of the snow. I'm glad that Molly had a little bit of fun!

zachary103 said...

the pics were really cute! but i dont like snow lol here in buffalo we get it all the time!