Monday, March 15, 2010

Hanging out with the Cousins

This past weekend we made the long trip down to Stockdale, TX to hang out with my family. It was my niece's 3rd birthday party too! The cousins had a lot of fun. Of course their favorite was playing outside. Our daily routine went something like this: wake up and eat breakfast, they ask to go outside when done but we say lets watch cartoons, they watch as much as they can take then ask to go outside again so we go out play a couple of hours(by the way the weather was great it was always in the upper 70s), come in eat lunch, kiddos and most adults take a nap, wake up and go back out side to play till supper, eat supper, take a bath and go to bed. I did not get any pics from my niece Rylan's birthday but I did get some of the cousins playing.

Picking flowers in the pasture.

Molly and Colton (or as she called him Conan) riding in PawPaw's jeep.

Playing with RyRy

Rylan got this game for her birthday and they loved playing it. You can see the excitement in Molly's face as the butterflies were flying out of the elephants nose.

They really wanted to catch one.

And of course lots of great bar-b-que and grilled food from my dad. A little ironic that the cows were curious and wanted to see what he was doing.

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