Sunday, March 28, 2010

Is it Wrong?

Do not judge me but is it wrong that my child knows how to work my iphone? No she cannot call anyone or browse the internet, well she may on accident, but she knows how to get to her games and play them. She does not get to play it often because I want it to be something special that will keep her interest. Especially when waiting forever in the doctors office, waiting forever at a restaurant, or even long road trips.


Michelle said...

Not at all!!! My girls love our phones and there are several educational apps that you can buy or are even free. There is nothing at all wrong with it and my phone has saved my sanity on several of occasions!

Alison said...

No it's not wrong! It's awesome!! In fact, I want to know what games you have so I can download them. I need them for the same times-in a pinch. :)