Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's On T.V.

When Molly came along and I was working I NEVER had time to watch t.v. not even when I would DVR something.  I would not have time to get around to watching it and it would get deleted.  They only way I knew what was going on was hearing all of the teachers talk about the shows in the teachers lounge at lunch.  Now that I am not working full time I have been able to enjoy this so called invention:  the television/DVR.  Now that all of the new shows have started up here is what you might find us watching, and not necessarily together.

My top three:
1. Modern Family
2. Glee (I know I know, yes I watch it but sometimes I do fast forward when they are getting on my nerves)
3. Grey's ( I started watching this again but if it gets to dramaish then I will look for something else :)

Bret's Top Three:
1. BASEBALL (when it is baseball season that is all that is on our t.v regardless if the Rangers are playing)
2. Community
3. The Big Bang Theory

Molly's Top Three:
1. Dora
2. Max and Ruby
3. Fresh Beat Band


Megan said...

Cute post!! Love it!

Desperate Housewives, Greys, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and The Bachelor Pad...those are my "must watch" trashy shows! :-)

Michelle said...

How fun! Might need to post something like this.