Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust

This is the second ornament in a week that Molly has knocked off the tree and broken.

I thought last Christmas when she was 18 months that we would have had that problem, but I guess she is so much more into this Christmas and loves all the decorations so is constantly touching the balls on the tree or counting them.  Here is her in action counting them.
I think after she broke the second one it kind of scared her so she has been better about not touching the tree or being very careful to just look at the pretty balls on the tree.  I was actually kind of surprised that she has not messed with the cookie monster ornament that we bought this year to put on the tree.

Here was one attempt to get a picture of Molly in front of the Christmas tree.  She was more interested in what daddy was doing :)


Michelle said...

Haha! We've had our tree up one day and already have 2 broken ornaments! Good luck until the end of the season!

Leslie said...

Colton hasn't touched our tree....surprisingly. He did break one of mom's when he was helping her put ornaments on the tree :)