Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas in a Nutshell

I had planned on making a nice long post or two about all of our Christmas events but the thought of that makes me tired.  We had a great Christmas and are very blessed so here it is in a nutshell.  On Monday, December 20th we headed down to Stockdale to spend time with my family.  We stayed there most of the week then headed back to Rockwall Christmas Eve morning.  We went to a wonderful Christmas Eve service at the church we attend.  Christmas morning Bret, Molly, and I woke up for our Christmas/Santa morning at our house then later that afternoon we headed over to Bret's parents for Christmas with his family. 

At my parents: the cousins had a movie night

Molly watched the cows (everyday)

The cousins played on PawPaw's boat

Colton yelling "No" at me.  He did not want his picture taken.

Rylan and Molly helping pass out presents.

Christmas morning at our house.  Molly enjoyed unwrapping all of the presents.

She was not a fan of the trampoline she got.  She screamed "get me out" and has not gotten back in it.  I guess she will have to warm up to it.

At Bret's parents: Bret and Uncle E frying the turkey

More presents

Her cool little bed and Elmo from Uncle E and Abby

Love this girl!!

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Michelle said...

What's not to love about that sweet girl???! Glad you all had a wonderful Christmas!