Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Laundry Time Helper

I am sure at some point it is nice when your child helps with the chores.  For now I guess I will be happy with whatever help I can get.  If help is what you want to call it when Molly folds laundry.  She usually just grabs what ever regardless if it is folder or not and starts putting it all into her own big pile.  I guess if she sees mommy making piles then she thinks that's what you do.  However for some reason today after she so kindly piled the clothes up she started piling all the towels on Tilly.  The crazy thing is Tilly did not even move.  Tilly must have been very tired or really cold and enjoying the extra layers.


Alison said...

Look at molly's hair! What a good dog tilly is! I had my own laundry helper today. I was washing whites and dovie helped me put them in the washer... But when I got them OUT, there were all these dark clothes! Good thing there were no red things. :)

Michelle said...

I love it how Tilly takes it like a champ.