Sunday, May 8, 2011

Where is Molly?

 Here over the past few weeks Molly has gotten really good at hiding.  She does not last long but maybe a minute or two then she starts giggling.  The other day I was folding clothes on my bed so I saw her doing it, but she made her way behind the pillows.  She got all behind them and laid down.  You could not see her at all.  She stayed like that for most of the time I was folding clothes.

Her bed is never made and always looks like this so I did not think anything of it when I walked in and saw her bed like this.  Then I started walking around the house calling her name and she would not answer.  I happened to walking past her room to check if she was in the nursery/guest room and heard a giggle.  I looked in and saw the covers slightly move.  If she would have never made a sound I don't know if I would have found her.


Alison said...

One day she'll learn to keep quiet and you'll really have a hard time finding her. :)

Michelle said...

Too funny! She is such a cute little girl.