Wednesday, June 22, 2011

3 Year Well Check

Weight:  40 lbs (90th %)
Height:  37 in (50th %)

Molly's 3 year well check went great!  She did so good and sat in the chair like a big girl while they took her blood pressure and checked all the other things they look at when you take them.  I felt so bad because we had talked about her not getting shots and that the doctor was just going to look at some things to see what a big girl she is now.  Wellllll of course we had missed a vaccination and so she had to get a shot.  She never knew it was coming because they came in so discrete with it (thank you to that nurse).  Molly just got right up on the table and I held her then she yelled "owwwww" and cried for just a little but as soon as we walked out of the room she stopped.  I am not so sure that she will go as willingly to the doctor the next time we need to go.

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