Monday, June 6, 2011

Meet Ruby or Max

I have had this fish tank in our garage for a while now.  I used to have it up in my classroom.  Well out of the blue Molly has been saying for several weeks that we need to get a fish to put in that aquarium, so we took Molly to the pet store to get her first pet.  We let her pick out the fish she wanted.  Okay so maybe after going through and pointing at all the pretty salt water fish we finally steered her away and she picked this one.  She named him Max and then changed it to Ruby (she loves the show Max and Ruby on Nick).  I think now she has decided to stay with Ruby, but every day is different.  We have had it a little over a week and Molly still loves to feed it and watch it swim around.  I wonder how long that will last.

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Michelle said...

This is too cute. Hello Max or Ruby! Looks like Molly is doing a great job taking care of her new pet.