Monday, September 19, 2011

Vacation Gone Really Bad

I don't even know where to begin.  Last Sunday the 11th we headed to San Antonio to spend some time with some friends at a family resort for a few days.  We got there Sunday evening and had a great time Monday.  Then things quickly changed.  The events of what happened next:

  • Monday evening I noticed that Hattie was sleeping more than usual and felt kind of warm but just thought maybe she was warm from being outside.
  • Through out the night I noticed Hattie continued to feel warmer and would make a pitiful whimper when I would pick her up to feed her.
  • Early Tuesday morning Hattie was burning up and I told Bret I was pretty sure she had a fever.  I took it to confirm that she did have a fever at 101.8.  I knew my pediatician had just told us at her two week checkup that anything over 100.3 is very serious for a baby under 3 months.
  • I start to panic a little but held back the tears and Bret and I head to the ER at Santa Rosa Children's hospital.  Our friends kept Molly with them.  Did I already mention we are out of town and in San Antonio?
  • We walk in the ER the lady at the desk that took your name and info of why you are there immediately but kindly explained that this is serious and that we would not be waiting and would be put in a room asap.  She was not kidding, we were immediately taken back.
  • A doctor immediately came in the room and started going over the procedure of what would be happening.  He was so nice but wanted to make sure that we understood how serious this was and because she was not 30 days old they had to do a whole work up to find out fast why she had a fever.  He said they would do blood work, a cath to get urine sample, and a spinal tap to rule out meningitis.  The doctor assured me if at any time I need to leave the room I could because he had gone through this with his son when he was a baby and he even had to leave the room.  By this point I am an emotional basket case!!
  • The doctor leaves and nurses come in to get blood work and urine sample.  Most of the time only one nurse was in the room so somebody had to hold Hattie still while they attempted to poke her and hold her legs while they did a cath.  I just looked at Bret bawling and he knew there was no way I was going to hold my baby while they did that.  I had to look away.  It makes me teary eyed thinking about it.
  • Because Hattie was so upset and sick her veins would not cooperate so it took 4 different nurses and 8 pokes to get an IV started for antibiotics and get blood which they never could draw they had to end up dripping.
  • Doctor came and got us to take to room to do the spinal tap.  I left the room so could not really tell you how it went.
  • After 5 hours in the ER getting all the work up they admitted us and got us to a room.
  • Once in the room Bret told me he was not feeling well.  The nurse in the room took his temp and it was 101.  She asked him to leave.
  • Luckily my parents live an hour from where we were because they were able to get and keep Molly and Bret had a place to stay.  Bret was sick the whole time so was never able to come to the hospital.
  • Hattie and I stayed at the hospital for four days waiting on cultures and test results to come back.
  • The spinal tap results came back quickly and was negative, praise God!!!  Now we wait to see if it is a bacterial infection in the blood.   Results came back positive that there was a bacteria but they wanted to see exactly which bacteria to determine if it was a contaminate that got in the blood when they were taking it, which is exactly what had happened.
  • The third day there Hattie developed a rash all over which the doctor said was viral which confirmed even more that she had gotten a viral infection.  Probably the same thing Bret had but since she is so little it is very serious and scary.
  • Bret was finally feeling better and came to the hospital to pick us up on Friday.  We stayed at my parents Friday night and then came back home to Rockwall on Saturday.  
  • We are all so exhausted but so very thankful that sweet Hattie Jane is okay.  I still get teary eyed when I look at her to think how bad it could have really been.
  • I love my girls so much and am so thankful for them!

Feeling much better and listening to all the beeping going on from the machines.

Looking at me like mom what the heck just happened to me.

Getting a nap in which is so hard to do in a hospital.

My sweet serious little old man.  I think she is the cutest but that hair line does not help and makes her look like a little old man :)


Michelle said...

Sweet Hattie I am so glad you are feeling better. You had many people worried about you and that just shows how much you are loved! I hope you all get some much needed rest.

Chris said...

She is precious! I am so sorry that all that happened to you. I am glad that the hospital gave you immediate attention and that everybody is ok now.

Chris & Val

Megan said...

Oh Lisa!!!! I am SO SO SO sorry! This breaks my heart and I am crying for you! And, you had to endure it without your hubby! Goodness! So thankful that sweet baby girl(and Daddy) is ok!

Holly Green said...

I cannot believe all of this happened! So glad Hattie is okay and hopefully your next vacation will go a lot smoother!

Patty Stahl said...

There is nothing in the world worse than a sick baby....and a little, bitty one is even worse....Thank GOD she is ok! What a vacation memory!

Kristi Talley said...

I was in tears reading your post. I can only imagine how scared you all were. I am so glad that sweet Hattie is feeling better.