Thursday, November 17, 2011

3 Months and a Turkey

What have we been up too.  Well we have a

3 month old, and a


We have reached that pivotal 3 month mark.  Do I dare say she is sleeping through the night??  We will see if it was a lucky week or if she is being nice to mommy and starting to sleep through the night.  She has also ditched that fussy evening time (more like her witching hour) and is just happy unless she is hungry, tired, or has a dirty diaper but look out if she is tired.  I don't know if fussy is the right word to describe her when she is tired.  Here is where my mom would say while pointing at me, even Bret for that matter, "I don't know where she gets that from."  Yes I do tend to lean more toward the cranky side when it is past my bed time and I am not asleep.  Hattie loves to give out smiles and will even give the occasional giggle.  I think Molly might get more giggles from her then all of us.  I am not sure that Hattie knows she is doing it yet but it is so sweet to hear.  She will only give out like two little giggles then look around like what just happened.  She gives lots of silent giggles or that is what I call them.  We will be trying to get her to giggle and she will just have her mouth wide open with that twinkle in her eye but no sound comes out.  Now she still hates the car seat so that sometimes makes for miserable car rides, but some days are better than others.  

This morning was the Thanksgiving program at Molly's preschool.  Molly's class was turkeys.  Each class performed a few songs and then they had their feast.  I was shocked that Molly actually participated in some of the songs.

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Michelle said...

Molly looks like a performer! And Hattie is just as cute as can be. Keep sleeping through the night sweet girl!