Thursday, November 3, 2011

October Happenings

I have not had much time to do any blogging so I am keeping this one short (well word short but lots of pictures) and sweet.  Here are some pictures of all of the fall festivities we have been up to.

Picking pumpkins at the Pumpkin Patch

Playing games at the Fall Festival, well making daddy play the games.  Molly was not interested or more like to scared to play any games.

We went to a friends party at a dance studio and Molly loved it!  Maybe we need to sign her up for some dance classes.

Halloween is also Bret's moms birthday so our intentions were to go over to her house have dinner and then take Molly trick-or-treating in the neighborhood but Molly had different plans.  She was to scared to go trick-or-treating and would not put on her costume so we just stayed and passed out candy.

Hattie and her cousin Audrey in their costumes for Halloween.

Molly checking over the candy bowl.


Valerie said...

Fun pictures! Miss you guys!!!

Michelle said...

Cute pics! One of these days Molly will surprise you and enjoy Halloween :).