Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kite Flying

I came across some kites the other day and decided to pick one up for Molly because it seemed like it would be so fun and Molly was so thrilled to get a kite.  Everyday she asked when we could go fly it.  Today when Bret got home it was pretty windy so we went over to the park to fly it in the big open field. 

The kite is up!

Molly is a little more interested in the sand pit.

Okay, fine dad I will come fly it for 2 min and 15 seconds.

Dad, I am done.
I think the thought of flying a kite was more fun for Molly than actually flying it.

Now time to have fun and play.

Hattie LOVES to swing!

If you are looking for a kite go check out Bed Bath & Beyond.  They have some good ones there.  I know weird place for one right. 

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