Tuesday, March 20, 2012

7 months old - Hattie Jane

Oh Hattie where to even begin.  You are always so happy unless you are tired.  You have gotten better about mommy not having to hold you but you still have your only mommy moments.  You have three separate smiles.  1.  your real smile that your whole face lights up with.  2.  your courtesy smile to people  and 3.  your panic smile, which you get this square smile on your face when you are on the verge of panicking because mommy does not have you but you feel like you need to try and smile.  You say momma, well you did say it, now you just smile at me when I try to get you to say it.  You just started saying bye bye and waving.  We moved you to a rear facing car seat because you were just to big/heavy for me to carry any more in your infant car seat.  You still love your food. 


Valerie said...

Time is going way too fast!!! Love that last pic! What a cutie!!!

Alison said...

7 months?? No way. I love that lady bug outfit. It's almost as cute as Hattie herself. :) I like the description of her panicy smile. She's already a people pleaser. :)

Michelle said...

Love all the pics but those last two are adorable!!