Monday, April 9, 2012

Hattie's Christening

This weekend was a very busy and fun weekend with it being Easter and Hattie's Christening.  My whole family came up and all of Bret's family came which was so nice to have everyone there.  We were a little nervous about the ceremony because it was on Saturday night, as in did not even start till 8:00 pm.  Hattie's bed time is 8:00 pm and she usually turns into a cranky mess if she is up after 8 o'clock.  Oh yes and did I mention that is was also a two hour service, hahaha okay well we were not aware it was going to be a two hour service until it ended at 10:00.  However despite all of that it went great!  Hattie fell asleep in my arms during the service.  I handed her to the bishop asleep.  She did wake up and cry when he poured water on her head but when he handed her back she went right back to sleep and stayed asleep....I mean hard asleep the whole time, and to top it off all of the nieces, nephew,  and Molly were AMAZING during the service.  It went great and the service was wonderful.  It meant so much to both of us to have all of our families there. 

A few of Hattie in her gown.


Holly Green said...

So sweet! Love her little dress, and glad she cooperated!

Alison said...

A 2 hour service with a bunch of kids makes me sweat a little under my arms just reading about it. but it sounds like it went splendidly. :) i'm so glad! Hattie is getting so big and just gets cuter and cuter. Hope to see all of you soon!

Michelle said...

What a special evening. She is so precious!