Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Any body else have spring cleaning fever?  It started with my closet.  I went through and got rid of lots of clothes and made Bret clean out his side too.  We took several bags of clothes to Helping Hands.  I even rearranged and organized our closet with the extra room.  It looks and feels so much more roomier.  I know what you are is just a closet, but it feels so good to get a project done!  After that I moved on to baby stuff that we just were using any more.  Tons of clothes Hattie has grown out of and just other things like bouncy seats, swings, play mats, maternity clothes.  Some I gave to friends others were sold.  It was refreshing but sad to get rid of all the baby stuff.  I was able to reuse all of the same stuff that I had with Molly for Hattie including the clothes and to get rid of it just means we are no longer going to be in that baby stage weird to think about!  Next on the list is Molly's room, then I would love to redo the kids bathroom, eventually I would love to revamp the master bedroom, and just de-clutter the house in general while my spring cleaning fever is still in action!


Michelle said...

Good job! I try to spring clean every 3 months but I am so far behind now. Want to come over here when you are done at your house? :-)

Kyle and Marci said...

We've been getting rid of baby stuff too! I just took 2 car loads down to the JBF Sale this weekend!

Megan said...

You go girl! You have been busy! Not much feels better than SPRING CLEANING!!! :-)