Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY Summer Wreath

Let me start by saying just be thankful this is not a DIY blog.  One because I am not very crafty and I would never post any DIY stuff and two because I am horrible about taking the step by step pictures of how to do it.  I got this idea from a couple of different wreaths I saw on pinterest, imagine that!
I got everything from Hobby Lobby.

Cardboard letter
Twine stuff is called Jute

This is the simplest wreath ever to make!

You just wrap your letter with the jute and hot glue it every now and then.

Glue your letter on and then just stick your flowers in.  No need to glue, and if you want to change them out during the seasons easy peasy.

And here it is!  It did it all during one of Hattie's morning naps!

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