Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Little Curb Appeal

I hate tending to flower beds!  I am sure as well as everyone else they are definitely the last thing on your list (or not even on our list) of things to take care of.  However ours were getting a little out of control and even maybe had a hint of "does anybody live in that house", so one weekend Bret and I got after them.  Now neither one of us have a green-thumb so we pretended we knew what we were doing and hope that it lasts awhile.





Stay tuned for my next post about this DIY wreath.  I know you are all dying to know about it, ha! Oh and I am thinking about painting the front door.  What do you think?  Just not sure what color.


The Gillaspie Family said...

Oh come to my house! That's still on our to-do list! Hopefully someone will buy our house before we have to do the work. HA!

Megan said...

They look great!!

I really like your door black. :-)