Sunday, January 3, 2010

Let's Get Organized

I guess you could say that our New Year’s resolution is to get our house organized. It seems to bother me more than Bret, imagine that! Even though I have been complaining about our unorganized house for about 5 years now Bret has never seemed that interested and always just tells me “but it is filled with love.” Now I don’t know if in all the dust and mess piled in our corners a “get organized bug” bit Bret, but something has happened and he is all about it. This all seems great and I know what every woman is saying “wow I wish my husband would want to do that,” but you must understand something about my sweet sweet husband, once this fire gets lit under his butt there is not turning back. He turns into a mad man. It could be 10 o’clock at night or 8 o’clock in the morning but by golly we are going to get it done. So we have made our mad dash to Container Store with out a plan to spend a small fortune, so for now our laundry room,pantry, and Molly's toys are nicely organized but we are working on other rooms. When the urge strikes him you just have to go with the flow because when it is gone it is gone, and I mean if he is done in the middle of the project well to bad he is done so I tiredly go along with this and work and work to get this all done before the desire to get organized fades from him. Don’t get me wrong I am ecstatic about getting organized but we are still in the process as we speak (I took a break to come write about this undertaking) so more than likely I will still be putting things back together late tonight. Hopefully not but we will see. I do wish I had taken some before and after pictures because it is amazing how different a space can look when it is nicely organized. I guess the real matter on this subject is to see how long we stay organized. Happy Near Year!!


Michelle said...

I think it's awesome that he likes to organize no matter what time :) And I agree, having everything in a proper place makes a totally different house! Good luck keeping everything in it's spot, especially with a 1 year old around!

Chris said...

Thanks for the story. Can't wait to see the results!

SWSG said...

Good Luck with staying organized! If it has anything to do with genetics or learned behavior then you might have to look for a miracle. Lisa