Monday, January 18, 2010

Night Time Routine

I wouldn't say that we have a specific routine that we always do to get Molly ready for bed but there is one thing that Molly always loves to do before bed. I pick her up and say give kisses time for bed. First we give daddy a kiss and she says "kiss", then she points to Tilly and says "kiss" so yes we TRY to give Tilly a kiss but usually she runs from us and Molly laughs, and then mommy gets a kiss while walking down the hallway to her bedroom. Every once in a while Molly likes to be silly and will point to the wall and say "kiss" and other random things. She is silly like her daddy. Once we get into her room she immediately says "bug on." And she is talking about this cute little Twilight Ladybug by Cloud B that Valerie, Chris, and Ian gave her for her 1st birthday. I have to admit at first Molly was terrified of it. She would tremble and cry when I showed it to her but we worked on it and now she LOVES it and it is a must when she goes to bed. We take it with us when we travel. She never liked a paci or blankie so this will do. Anyways, it is a ladybug that lights up and will put stars on the ceiling and walls at night. It goes off after about 20 minutes which is great because she is asleep by then. I took a picture of her ladybug but have not attempted to get one of it in action while she is asleep, so I posted one of the pictures they had of it online.


Alison said...

We have a similar turtle, but that lady bug is soo cute! We rarely use our turtle, it's too light to see the stars. I'm going to get it out tomorrow!

Valerie said...

I'm SO glad she loves her lady bug!!! I sure wondered the first time she saw Ian's turtle and totally freaked out ! You just never know what they will or will not like.