Thursday, February 4, 2010

When you look like your daddy......

When you look like your daddy and you are a little girl, it is probably not a good idea for somebody to put you in boy clothes.

Before you read more please realize I make this post all in fun and I love my precious Molly and think she is the prettiest little girl but look at this picture. The poor thing. Her hair does not grow much and when it does it grows in a mullet (you can see a little of that in the picture) and she looks just like her daddy. I picked her up a few weeks ago from the sitter and she had to change Molly's clothes for some reason and all she had to put on her was her sons clothes. When I got home with her Bret wanted me to change her but I had to get a picture first :)

On a more serious note: Do we have a little pianist on our hands?

1 comment:

Michelle said...

This cracks me up!! Yes, she looks like her daddy, but she is so stinkin cute!!! Love that little girl!