Thursday, June 24, 2010

Annual Family Fishing Trip

The annual family fishing trip has come and gone. We were in Corpus Christi all last week and had so much fun. My whole family goes every year: mom, dad, little brother, little sister, older sister and her husband and their two kids, Bret and me and Molly. We never took the kids to the beach but we did take them to the Texas State Aquarium which I will post pictures later. However I think the kids had a great time at the condo. The deck is big so we are able to put a blow up pool on it and the kids just play in it all day. Not to mention since it is right on the water there is usually a nice breeze blowing so it is some what bearable to stay outside. Over the four days that we fished I think we caught about 30 fish which made for a great fish fry with plenty to bring home.

This was the big Red fish that I caught. I don't remember how big.

This is the big Red Fish Bret caught.

The kiddos playing in the pool.

One of the only days Molly wore a swimsuit. The rest of the time she played in the water in either her swim diaper or just her shirt and diaper. For some reason she did not like wearing the swimsuits.

My niece Rylan trying to hide from me so I would not take her picture.

I don't remember where my dad said he got this watermelon all I remember him saying was "the guy that sold me this said this is the best watermelon and you will be back for more" and it was GREAT!

My nephew Colton being so cute.

Under the stairs was a closet but it was just perfect size to fit a roll-a-way cot in so at night it was a bed but during the day it was the perfect place for the little ones to sit in and watch one of their shows on the portable dvd player.

Rylan catching a fish.

Molly catching a fish.
Well, actually for both Rylan and Molly one of the boys had to hook the tiny fish and then they let the girls real it in.
Family fishing trip is always so much fun. Cannot wait till next year!

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