Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Molly's Birthday

Just a warning this post is heavy on the pictures :)

This year we did not have a birthday party for Molly with friends. We were out of town with my family and her birthday falls the same weekend as Father's Day, our anniversary, and my birthday. Needless to say I could not find any spare time to pick a day to clean my house to have guests over so she had two family parties. One was with my family in Stockdale before heading out on our fishing trip and the other party was with Bret's family on Sunday after Father's day lunch at his grandparents.

Party at my parent's house:
She is not a fan of people singing to her.

She did great blowing out her candles.

Loving her Dora bath toy.
Party with Bret's family at his grandparents:

In her pretty Sunday dress before she skinned her knee. After that happened it was such drama and every time the dress touched her knee she would cry soooo before lunch even started Molly got to spend the day in her diaper :) (how she would prefer)

Eating with her cousin Gregory at the kid table her Noni got her.

Once again please stop singing.

She was so excited about the hanger the dress came on.

Awe thanks guys!

Mmmmmm I love ice cream!


Holly Green said...

I cannot believe that Molly is 2! It seems like just yesterday we were visiting you in the hospital when she was born. Happy Birthday Molly!

Sherry said...

Happy Birthday Molly!! I can't believe you are two already! Time has gone by so fast. Can't wait to have you come swim on Sunday!