Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekend with Mom

Bret had to leave town for work all day Friday and Saturday so Molly and I had a little mommy daughter time together.  Now we typically have a mommy daughter evening at least once a week because Bret has to work late but since he was gone for the night I thought we would make it fun.

We started by having pizza for dinner, which both Molly and I love!

For dessert we had ice cream.  While we were there this older man sat at the table beside us and had a fluffy full white beard.  Molly got very excited and yelled "mommy it's Santa!"  The grumpy old man just kind of looked at us.  I wanted to tell him "well if you don't want kids calling you Santa then don't look like one."

After that we came home and got in our comfy clothes to eat some popcorn and watch a movie.  I let Molly pick.  Okay well after much of my trying to persuade her to pick certain movies she of course picked Peter Pan.  This girl loves her some Peter Pan.  It is the only Disney movie she will or wants to watch.  All of the other ones scare her and believe me I have tried ALL of them.  Even the Tinker Bell movies.  Now those don't scare her but she wants nothing to do with them, so for the 153,579,450,001 time we watched Peter Pan...again.  By the way I realize we had a junk food evening with the pizza, ice cream, and popcorn but it sure was good :)

Since Bret wasn't getting back till Saturday evening a friend invited us out to have a pre-egg hunt.  Molly loved it and is ready for the real thing!

They had a huge bowl of cheetos that Molly quickly found and became best friends with.  This is her telling me "I love cheetos."


The Gillaspie Family said...

Goodness, she looks like such a big girl eating that ice cream!! Too funny about the Santa man...

Megan said...

The santa man cracks me up! You should have had sad that to him! Ha!

And, what a fun night! Pizza, ice cream, popcorn and Peter Pan! Doesn't get much better than that! ;-)

Michelle said...

Mommy/ daughter time is the best!!

Nani said...

I love this post!!! Mommy and Molly time, what a great time! I love the picture where Molly is walking with the Easter basket like she is on a mission! Go get 'em girl!