Sunday, July 10, 2011

Molly's First Rangers Game

One of Bret's co-workers gave him some tickets for the Rangers game on Saturday night.  We decided it would be a great opportunity to take Molly since the tickets were so kindly given to us.  Molly actually did surprisingly well.  She made it till the 7th inning.  We did get up once to walk around but well that did not last to long but because of me, my feet immediately started swelling.  Oh the fun of being pregnant in the summer time.  I am not sure that we will be taking her again anytime soon.  I think the newness of it being the first time helped that she lasted so long, but we had a great time and it was fun to be doing something with just Molly before Hattie gets here.


Michelle said...

Wow you guys had great seats! Just wait, give her a couple more years and she will maybe want to go to the game every week like Kaylie does :). Molly looks so big in these pictures!

Alison said...

Sounds fun!! Molly really looks like you in that last pic!

Chris said...