Sunday, January 31, 2010

What to do?

The weather has been so cold and wet here so of course Molly is going stir crazy because she just wants to play outside. She stands at the door saying "side, side, side." And obviously she is tired of hearing "No sweetie it is to cold outside."
Molly's response to that:

Tilly sighing thinking please make it stop.
So I try my hardest to keep things fun for her inside. We have:

played in a box

made a Fort in a box (this box has been a hit for her)

played with daddy's guitar (shhhh, don't tell)

dressed up like a princess (this was a big deal to get this skirt on and her leave it on)

played in mommy and daddy's shower (this is a fav for her too)


Alison said...

It's been a rough weekend. Dovie keeps asking, "bye-bye?go bye-bye." they're both still not feeling well and fussing and going thru paci-withdrawl. Yep, it's been a rough one!

Molly makes that box look so fun! I love her huge smiles. :)

P.s. The girls have those ballerina pj's too! We'll have to get them together for a triplet picture. :)

lori said...

lol thats funny ry and colton are the same way so when they do get outside they just run in circles like a dog that hasnt been out in forever!!