Sunday, February 28, 2010

I do what I want!

I know all kids go through the I do everything myself stage but one particular night I just found it so funny because Molly just had it in her mind she was going to do what she wants. After her bath I was trying to get her pajamas on and all I managed to get on was a diaper when she got away from me. She ran into the her closet and got A sock and asked me to put it on (well she tried first and did really well trying but then asked me to). I got the one sock on her and was trying to get the rest of her pajamas on when she got away again and was saying "No, No, No"

This is Molly in her one sock and diaper saying bring it mom, what are you going to do about it!
She played for a while in her one sock and diaper and then decided that she wanted her pajamas on and attempted to put a one piece zip up pajamas by herself (see picture below) after a few minutes of not knowing how to get it on she finally gave in and asked for help.

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SWSG said...

So now you have two stubborn people in your sweet family of three. Love, Nani