Friday, June 11, 2010

The Big Move

I am not sure why we did it but we just decided one day, "hey let's try Molly in her big girl bed." She was doing great in her crib, she never tried to get out, and she was still my baby in her crib. Not that she isn't now but it is just one other thing to show she is growing up. Her crib does not turn into a bed so she had to move to the twin bed that we have had in her nursery. We put it close to the ground so if she rolled off it would not hurt and she could get in herself. We have been doing this for a week and so far so good. She has been doing great at nap and bedtime. I thought it was going to be a little harder but we have only been at it for a week and she cannot quite open the door yet so once she can I am sure that will change.

"Say cheese"

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Michelle said...

Yay Molly! You are such a big girl now in your big girl bed!