Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Little Helper

I promise I do not make my two year old daughter clean but these pictures do make me look a little guilty.

Molly loves to help me clean especially if I sweep, mop, or clean toilets. Actually Molly thinks it is two big stick objects that she gets to push around the house and into things and the other one you get to stick a brush in water and play with it. I hate to discourage her and tell her "no" and "yucky" because I would love for her to want to clean our house when she is old enough, just wishful thinking! However she is just in the way and usually makes a bigger mess so for now I wait till she is napping to get any of that cleaning done. But if we happen to be at your house and she grabs a rag and starts wiping off things don't take it personal she just likes to clean. I am sure that will change come middle school age.

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