Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer Lisa

Summer Lisa is what Bret always calls me when summer rolls around and I am not teaching. During the school year I am usually stressed out from the day school starts till the day it ends. I am in bed by 9:30 and usually asleep by 10:00 after I read some of a book to clear my head of the day. I don't like to go out and do things during the week during the school year especially if it puts me at home after my bed time. Every Sunday all of the laundry and house has to be cleaned because there is NO time during the week to get it done. So of course every summer Bret gets excited because Summer Lisa will be out to visit. I am much more relaxed. The house and laundry does not have to be done every weekend because there is always during the week for me to get it done, and I stay up way past my bed time. That is usually what clues Bret in that Summer Lisa is here when it is 11:00 and I am still up. I also don't mind going out and doing things during the week and getting home late. That being said today was when all the teachers had to go back around here I of course did not. Bret told me last night he could already see a difference because usually by now I have slowly stabbed away Summer Lisa over the past week getting ready for things to start but not this year. I even got to do my laundry and clean today! Maybe Summer Lisa will be out year round!

All that being said last night I was so excited that I was not going to be working this year but then today it has just felt weird. I know that probably tomorrow and the next I will quickly get over it but I just have to take it all in today. I guess when you put some much into something it is weird to let go. I know I know of all the stresses, bites, bruises, and claw marks I came home with there is still that part of missing out on things that in the type of classroom I taught in were huge deals. Not that the kids passed TAKS or made all As which are great but when a kid walks for the first time in a walker, or a kid finally is potty trained, or a kid that is nonverbal starts to speak. I could go on and on. These are things that take months or even years to work on and when the students get it you just want to jump up and down screaming with joy. That is what I am going to miss out on. The things that most people take for granted but are huge milestones for my students. I kind of tear up while I write this and think about those students that I just left, but I know and do not regret staying home to take care of my little one so that I don't miss out on her milestones.

P.S. Don't be jealous of my nice natural tan in that picture. It comes so easy for me, HA!


Michelle said...

Love this post! Summer Lisa all year long now!

Valerie said...

I'm sure it's bitter sweet, but what an exciting year you have ahead of you. So happy for you guys!

Megan said...

Love it!! I am excited for you!! You will never regret staying home!!!