Thursday, August 12, 2010

Visit From My Parents

My dad had some meetings this week in Ft. Worth so my mom made the trip with him and she just stayed with us for a couple of days. We had a really great time and it was so good to see them! They came up on Monday and left today. I did not do a good job of getting pictures while they were here but here are a few.

My mom and I went shopping one day and this is Molly trying out her cousins hat we got him but I think she looks pretty cute in it.

My dad just had meetings Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday night we met him in Arlington and went to the Rangers vs Yankees baseball game. It was hot but had a good time. When he got back Wednesday we went over to Bass Pro to check out a few things. Molly loved the fish. She kept calling this huge catfish a dolphin.

These are the few pictures I got of Molly and her NaNa and PawPaw. She is playing tent under the blanket beside my dad.

Molly of course made my dad get in her tent. She said there were bears outside so he needed to get in.

My mom kept asking where Molly was and she would just yell from under the blanket "I don't know."

Molly had to take a few breaks from under the tent to watch a little tv.

We had such a good time seeing them! I am hoping with my more flexible schedule maybe Molly and I can make a few more trips to visit them than just the usual holiday times that we go.

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Michelle said...

Love her in that hat! Sounds like you all had a great time!